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Deer Park, Karimnagar


Welcome to Karimnagar Deer Park
Deer Park situated in Karimnagar District. Rajeev Gandhi Deer park is located in Karimangar ( approx 30-acre land ) near to Lower Manair Dam (LMD) on the outskirts of Karimnagar.
Deer Park is one of most famous tourist place in Karimnagar. Deer Park is located in ourskirts of Karimnagar and called as Rajeev Gandhi Deer Park. It is near by Ujwala Park and Lower Manair Dam ( LMD ).

This Rajeev Deer park is located in a sprawling approx 30 acre land near to Lower Manair Dam on the outskirts of Karimnagar near NTR statue.
Contact Number: 

Rajeev Gandhi Deer Park
Near LMD and Ujwala Park,
Vemulawada Bypass Rd, Rampur,

Hours of Operation: 

Every Monday is Holiday

Additional Info: 
Deer Park is situated at the entrance of Karimnagar while coming from Hyderabad or Warangal after Alugunoor bridge , near by Ujwala Park Karimnagar.