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Jagtial Fort, Karimnagar


Jagtial is 50 kms away from Karimnagar and Jagtial fort was built with stones and lime in an expansive place. Polasa village which is very near to Jagtial has thousand years of history. There are no historical evidences in Jagtial except a Fort.

Polasa kings ruled Polasa during 11 century. Kannada inscription of 1108 A.D, tells that Meda Raju I ruled Polasa as capital. Jaggadeva, son of Medaraja I succeeded his father. He ruled from 1110 A.D to 1116 A.D. He was a terrible King. He made 21 wars and built new villages. Jagga Deva might have built the Jagga Deva temple which is 6 Km away from Polasa. This place gradually changed and became Jagtial. In the 17th century, two European engineers Jack and Tal conceptualized and built a beautiful star shaped fort surrounded by water in the area. The place later came to be known as Jagityal inspired by the names of these two engineers and the fort became famous as the Jagtial Fort. Owing to its foreign influence the fort bears a strong resemblance to a European castle. This and its unique shape and structure makes it an interesting site. Though much of it is now in ruins, however, the history associated with it hardly allows tourists to ignore it. Built during the reign of Nawab Ibrahim a governor under the Mughal sovereignty, the fort bears a stamp of the most powerful dynasty. It is built at a height of 264 mts and is surrounded by four water bodies namely, Mote pond, Dharma Samandar, Mupparaap and Kandla Palli. This does provide a scenic setting.
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Jagtial Fort

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The construction materials used to build the fort were mainly stones and lime. The fort was guarded by a huge wooden gate. However, the ravages of man and nature have played its role in robbing the fort of its safety cover. The door no longer is visible. However, the fort still recalls its days of being invincible by the presence of huge cannons scattered throughout the fort premises. The onus for creation of most of these cannons it credited to Mohammad Khasim, the clock repairer who was also responsible for building the massive cannons. One of the cannons still bears his name inscribed in Urdu on its body. Any mention of Karimnagar Tourism is incomplete without mentioning the Jagtial Fort as a tourist place. Though in ruins, the fort reflects the glory of the Telangana history in each of its nooks, corners and crevices. The fort is flanked by historical monuments like the Jama Masjid, a huge mosque during the 18th century, the Tahsildar office and the court building. Each of these has their own history to tell. A visit to the Jagityala Fort should also include a peep into the historical treasure vaults ensconced within the walls of these great structures. Special Attractions: - The massive cannons built by Mohammad Khasim - The scenic view of the four water bodies – Mote pond, Dharma Samandar, Mupparaap and Kandla Palli Jagtila Fort is connected by Road from Various Karimnagar. The Nearest Railwaystation 'Karimnagar'. Jagtial is located approximately 50 kilometres from Karimnagar.