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Kesavanatha Swamy Temple in Raikal , Karimnagar


Kesavanatha Swamy Temple is an ancient shrine, located in Raikal of Karimnagar District. Raikal is about 70 km from the district headquarters Karimnagar. This small town has historical significance for two things.

The first is the ancient temple of Kesavanatha Swamy which was built in the 13th century by the Kakatiya dynasty. This temple's idol is Panchamukhalingeswara Swamy (Lord Siva with five faces) which is believed to be one of the only two existing , the other being at Varanasi.

Raikal also houses the Ayyappa Temple which is also one of the frequently visited places of worship. The temple receives the maximum number of devotees during the Ayyappa Swamy season towards the end of November (Karthik masam). Prayers are offered and prasad distributed among devotees. The temple hall which can accommodate up to 500 people is crowded with the Ayyappa devotees. The Ayyappa temple in Raikal resembles the temple in Sabarimala, the Hindu pilgrimage center in Kerala. The other very famous temple in Raikal is the Chennakesava Swamy Aalayam. This temple is located near the Sri Saraswathi Shishumandir.

The other main attraction of Raikal is the Bhimanna Jatara Festival (Hindu festival) held for 3 days during January - March.This is a Hindu festival and is held for three days every year. Dussera is also a time for great celebrations in Raikal.

Raikal , Located 70 Kms from Karimnagar the acient temple of Kesavanatha Swamy is situated here.built in the 11th century A.D. by the Kakatiyas the temple has beautiful sculptures. Another intresting temple is that of Panchamukhalingeswara Swamy ( Lord Siva with five faces ) which is belived to be one of the only two existing , the other being at Kasi. Besides there is a temple of Bhimanna in whose honour an annul Jatra is held for 3 days during Januvary - February.
Contact Number: 

Kesavanatha Swamy Temple,
Raikal Mandal ,
Karimnagar - 505460
Telangana, India

Additional Info: 
Special Attractions: – The Panchamukhalingeswara Swamy idol in the Kesavanatha Swamy Temple is a major tourist attraction for people visiting Raikal. – Chennakesava Swamy Aalayam – Bhimanna Jatara adds to the uniqueness of the place Best Time to visit: – The best time to visit Raikal is during the Bhimanna Jatara which is held during Jan to Feb every year. – November is also a good time to visit Raikal (during the Ayyappa Swamy season) Distance to Raikal Temple Karimnagar: – Distance from Karimnagar is 71 Kms – Distance from Hyderabad is 250 Kms Where to stay: There are several good hotels, Star hotel and guest houses in Jagtial, Karimnagar.