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Molangoor Quilla (Molangoor Khilla), Karimnagar


Molangoor is located 30 km from Karimnagar. was ruled by the Recherla Vala family of the Velama caste. The Velama's are of the warrior caste of Telangana from ancient times.

Molangoor village is famous for the Khlla which is located at the end of village it is very high people climb over the mountain there were steps provied at the back of the Khilla which is already constructed by kings in ancient days.
Contact Number: 

Molangoor khilla
Molangoor village

Hours of Operation: 

Every day : 10AM to 5PM

Additional Info: 
Molangoor khilla is in Karimnagar district Telangana. It is on the high way of Karimnagar to Warangal district and located approximately 30 km from Karimnagar.
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