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Nampally Gutta (Snake Statue) , Karimnagar


Nampally Gutta is an Ancient Historical site and it is one of the famous tourist place in Karimnagar.

Nampally Gutta is located in Nampally Village, Karimnagar near Vemulawada. Sri Rajarajanarendra was ruled this area by the centre of nampally villege. One day lord shiva came to his dream when he was a laper and told to build a temple for him at the middle of vemulawada and gone.Then rajarajanarendra was constructed the temple 100 years ago.
Contact Number: 

Nampally Gutta
Nampayy Village, Near Vemulawada

Hours of Operation: 

Every Day : 10AM to 5PM

Additional Info: 
Nampally Gutta is very near to vemulawada and 3okms away from Karimnagar and 160kms away from hyderabad
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