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New Karimnagar District Maps released ! Explore the latest Karimnagar map !!

Government of Telangana has taken up the task of Districts reorganization of the existing districts excluding Hyderabad, for better administration and development of the areas comprised therein and for matters connected therewith as per the Telangana Districts Formation Act, 1974 and Telangana District Formation Rules, 2016 Under Section 3 of the said Act the Government may by notification from time to time, for the purposes of Revenue administration, divide the state in such districts, divisions and Mandals and each district shall consist of such Revenue divisions and each Revenue Division shall consist of such Mandals and each Mandal shall consist of such villages and the Government may by notification from time to time specify in this behalf.

Finally new districts maps arrived, here you can see Karimnagar, Jagtial and Peddapally map. Also here you can download the high resolution maps as well.

Now in our Telangana we have 27 districts including Karimnagar, Peddapally and Jagtial. It includes railways, roads , rivers and other important marks.

See below new maps of our Karimnagar District.

New Karimnagar District Map released ! Explore the latest Karimnagar map !!
Jagtial District Map
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