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Smart City Status : Karimnagar in, Hyderabad out ?

The Telangana government has sought permission from the Centre to replace Hyderabad with Karimnagar for the Smart City Mission, a top official said.

The steering committee on smart cities headed by chief secretary Rajiv Sharma recently sent a proposal to New Delhi, requesting it to consider the change and also grant some more time for submission of the detailed proposal.

Officials said since Hyderabad is already well developed and has been getting massive funding under various schemes, the government decided to develop Karimnagar with all modern amenities. Earlier, the government had proposed three cities -Hyderabad, Warangal and Karimnagar -but the Union government approved Hyderabad and Warangal for smart cities project.

85 cities out of the 98 included in the Smart City Mission have submitted city level smart city proposals to the Union urban development ministry within the stipulated time. While 17 proposals were submitted on Monday, 68 proposals were by the ministry on Tuesday, the last day for submission.

Smart City Status : Karimnagar in, Hyderabad out ?
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