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Ramagiri Fort (Ramagiri Hills), Karimnagar


Ramagiri Fort, often referred as Ratnagarbha has as ancient fort believed to be used by Satavahanas and Kakatiyas as their Military establishment. This fort is remarked as the unconquerable fort in Telangana region. The hills and surroundings here are astounding to watch and contain many herbs of medicinal importance.

The Ramagiri Fort is built in stone with a good number of bastions and is spread across a huge area across the hill. Because of the thick greenery and the beautiful view, which is pleasing to the human mind and the eye this place is also called as Aaram-Giri, Hill of rest or leisure.
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Ramagiri Fort

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Every day : 10AM - 5PM

Additional Info: 
Ramagiri Fort is situated in Kamanpur village at around 60Km from Karimnagar. This fort is on the way from Karimnagar to Manthani. One needs to follow the Karimnagar-Manthani road till Begumpet X roads and take right diversion to reach the Begumpet village. The fort is around 2Kms from there and can be reached only on foot. The nearest railway station is 'Peddapalli' which is located on the NewDelhi-Kazipet line. Ramagiri Khilla is around 20Km from there.